Inner Child

By the ticking of the clock, I knew my days were numbered. As we sat in the doctor’s office, white walled and medicinal, I concluded that the news was grim. The doctor looked over his gold rimmed glasses from behind my file. My heart ached, my hands trembled, even my legs did not want to … Continue reading Inner Child



You are a fickle little booger. Always coming around when no one needs you. You cause so much fear and tension when you visit. Why can't you just stay away?   Life is easier when you are not here. Your presences make everyone walk on eggshells. Why do you cause so much destruction? Can't you … Continue reading Anxiety


Rushing in. Fear, hurt, burning intensity. Butterflies give way to hatred. Anxiety. Over what? What could be this bad?   It starts with a slighted phrase. Turning, spinning. Slamming into my chest. Ire coursing thought my veins. Trembling.   How could you? You say you love me. But your actions don’t show it. Smacking, hitting, … Continue reading Anger